Slim Series 3Color

The Slim Series is the most popular LED EMC model for your typical retail business. Most LED Signs you see in stores around your neighborhood are Slim models.  Not everyone can have fancy industrial Billboard type LED Screens; whether due to lack of space, budget or simply not needing it. The Slim Series is essentially the perfect advertising solution for small to medium sized business locations. It also provides the most selection for the diverse size requests and install locations.

Choose Your Lamp Color

Module Size 240mm 320mm 420mm 480mm
Pixel Pitch 15mm 20mm 26.25 30mm
Smallest SKU 1x3
Biggest SKU 4x25
Smallest Size 12.25″ x 31.25″ 15.25″ x 40.25″ 19.25″ x 52.25″ 21.75″ x 59.75″
Biggest Size 40.75″ x 240.25″ 52.75″ x 315.25″ 68.75″ x 415.25″ 78.75″ x 477.75″
Min. Resolution 16 x 48 px
Max. Resolution 64 x 400 px